About Dr. Christopher Keezer, DC

chris office pictureDr. Keezer graduated in 1993 from Los Angeles Chiropractic College. He also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology.

Dr. Keezer specializes in the treatment of cervical whiplash and degenerative arthritis. He incorporates a variety of specific spinal rehabilitative exercises for in office, and home care.

Dr. Keezer uses several different chiropractic techniques including: Pettibon, Thompson, SOT, Diversified and Activator. He also assist with the proper use of supplements, exercise and weight loss programs. This diversified approach can result in accelerated improvement and patient satisfaction.

Dr. Keezer also has consulted various local companies and organizations concerning back safety and injury prevention. He is available to speak to your group or organization about a variety of health topics.

The Back Pain Relief Center

3701 Colby Ave

Everett, WA 98201


Chiropractic – Massage – Auto Accident – LNI – Weight Loss – Laser Therapy – Decompression


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